• Fall Fashion Trends

    Fall Fashion Trends

    Fall 2014 Fashion Trends That are Ideal for Working Women   Styles for the seasons change, what’s the latest outfit today can be outdated after a few weeks or months. However, there are a few basic items and accessories that you can use and effortlessly piece together to come up with a style suitable for…
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  • Welcoming Another School Year – 5 Tips to Help Your Child Have a Successful School Year

    Welcoming Another School Year – 5 Tips to Help Your Child Have a Successful School Year

    As many of you know, prior to the Founding of Day by Day Beauty, I was an educator. This time of year always brings back delightful memories of the start of school.  Day by Day Beauty’s lovely writer prepared a great article to help transition from summer to school.  Enjoy!     Fishing, camping, family…
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  • 100% Organic & Handmade Products

    100% Organic & Handmade Products

    TRR Organically Skincare – 100% Organic 100% For You   Reason 1: 100% Organic & Handmade   Many skin care lines in the beauty industry want to be as organic as possible, but very few are or can be 100%.   TRR Organically Skincare is 100% Natural and handmade fresh for each order placed.  Moreover,…
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  • Origami Owl Review

    Origami Owl Review

    I am sure you have heard about Origami Owl or at least seen someone wearing an Origami Owl piece.  In a way, charm bracelets & lockets are passé thanks to Origami Owl’s Living Lockets. They are the new way to share your life story!       An Amazing Story       I want…
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  • Why We Use a Cobalt Blue Bottle

    Why We Use a Cobalt Blue Bottle

    The question came via private message to Day By Day Beauty’s founder earlier this week, and while the inquirer was addressed personally, Day By Day Beauty felt it important to address the matter publicly as well.     Day By Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum is comprised of natural and organic substances. By no means…
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