I am sure you have heard or seen the LUNA by now.  This device is earning recognition all around the world for its innovation and effectiveness as a beauty tool.




The LUNA is a skin care device powered by transdermal sonic pulses that penetrate into the skin. The high and low frequencies help to improve how you cleanse, enhance the effectiveness of Serums and anti-aging products, and relax your facial muscles.


So, it is a 2-minute treat both morning and night for your beautiful face!


Day by Day Beauty Owners with FOREO LUNA


When my husband and my FOREO LUNA came in the mail (yes, they even have a men’s version!), I was immediately impressed with the packaging of the product. Packaging is important to me as a consumer, and as a beauty brand Founder. I know that quality packaging is expensive. FOREO must have worked hard to truly create a luxury experience from the moment you get your product.



In the FOREO LUNA box:

  • LUNA Device
  • LUNA Charger
  • Travel Pouch
  • Users Manual
  • Authenticity Card


Let’s talk about design…the LUNA is ergonomically correct. It fits perrfectly in your hand! The device is meant to help you reach all areas on your face especially the nooks and crevices around your nose. My husband’s device (LUNA for Men) and mine are quite different.


Day by Day Beauty - Mens FOREO LUNA


LUNA not only effectively cleans your face, but there is also an anti-aging mode. If you are debating between the FOREO LUNA and LUNA Mini, do keep in mind the LUNA Mini does not have an anti-aging mode.


Since my product line consists of anti-aging Serums, I LOVE the functionality of anti-aging with the LUNA. Who wouldn’t want to maximize the results of their facial products at the cellular level with this device?


FOREO LUNA Helps Enhance Use of Serums - Day by Day Beauty

How Does the FOREO LUNA Work?


  1. Remove eye makeup and facial makeup (optional).
  2. Apply facial cleanser directly to LUNA or your skin (I prefer to get my LUNA a little wet & apply my cleasner directly to the LUNA.  I also make sure my facial skin is a little damp prior to washing.)
  3. Press the middle ‘power on’ button of your device.  You can adjust the pulsations with the + or – button.
  4. Begin cleansing your facial skin.  I have developed my own cleansing pattern/techinque.  I tend to go in an upward and outward motion.  (Unlike the Clarisonic, this device will not automatically shut off after a minute.  I enjoy this because I can cleanse as long as I wish.)
  5. My cleanser creates a foaming sensation, and if ever it doesn’t seem to be foaming as much as I like, I just add a little more water.  That tends to do the trick.
  6. When your cleansing is complete, turn your LUNA off by pressing that same ‘power on’ button.  The device is still on and is on standby and waiting to do the anti-aging step.
  7. I apply my Serums thinnest to thickest starting with Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  I continue my beauty routine by adding my rich moisturizer as well (cold season here in Chicago).
  8. After all products are applied, I press the ‘power on’ button again and turn my LUNA device to the anti-aging side.  Personally, I change the pulsation to a lower frequency and a simple rocking motion on the skin massages my facial muscles perfectly.  I target spots on my face that I know get the most workout during the stress of the day.
  9. When I am completely done, I press the ‘power on’ button and it turns off.  I gently wash my device with soap and lukewarm water.  Pat dry – and tada!


The FOREO LUNA Compared to Clarisonic


There are so many facial cleansing devices in the marketplace.  People have asked me to compare my experience(s) between the FOREO LUNA and the Clarisonic Mia 2.  In my experience, I prefer the FOREO LUNA – I’ve not used my Clarisonic Mia 2 for months now.

Things to consider when comparing the FOREO LUNA to Clarisonic


Cost over the liftetime of the product:  Sure, most Clarisonics are cheaper upfront, but they have a continued expense.  It is recommended to change your brush head every 3 – 4 months and the replacement brush heads are 27.00 each. (Price from Clarisonic website without any discounts).


If you purchase a FOREO LUNA at full retail cost ($199) and use it twice daily for 1 year, it will cost you less than .26 cents per washing.  By year two, let’s say it is FREE!


If you purchase a Clarisonic Mia 2 at full retail cost ($149) and replace the brush heads every 4 months as recommended ($108), and use it twice daily for 1 year, it will cost you .33 per washing.  By year two, you will need to invest in $108 of brush heads again.


Anti-aging Mode: This mode is offered on the FOREO LUNA but not the Clarisonic.  I know firsthand that people purchase Serums to help combat the signs of aging.  A device like the FOREO LUNA can help the effectiveness of those Serums, and maximize results.



Day by Day Beauty - Enhance Serums


I expect to continue to see amazing things from FOREO as a company.  Their new toothbrush, the ISSA, is on my wishlist!


Day by Day Beauty Review of FOREO LUNA - Selfie

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