Vitamin C Serum Causes Me to Breakout

Day by Day Beauty prides itself on having a Vitamin C Serum that is safe & effective for all skin types including sensitive skin. Of the thousands and thousands of Vitamin C Serum bottles our company has sold, we have been contacted by a handful of customers that experienced breakouts when using the serum.


While I would like to stress that breakouts are extremely rare, I did want to provide some additional information on why this could happen & what it could mean.


Consider your entire skin care routine: When introducing Vitamin C Serum into your skin care routine, I recommend having the Vitamin C Serum be the only new skin care product at that time. This can allow a user to hone in on exactly what is promoting positive changes in the skin OR in the event any irritation occurs – Vitamin C Serum is the only change.


With that being said, I would consider looking at your entire skin care routine. Is there anything you are currently using that could cause conflict with the Vitamin C Serum or an increase in skin sensitivity?


If you are currently using a Retinoid, please read this blog post on using Vitamin C Serum with Vitamin A products here.


In my opinion, being educated on what products you use on your skin is extremely important.


Consider hormonal changes in the body: This may make some people laugh, but it is definitely something to consider. Women experience drastic hormonal changes throughout a menstruation cycle. It is perfectly normal for a woman to experience breakouts monthly, especially around the mouth & chin.


When introducing Vitamin C Serum into your skin care routine, consider the timing of new application. Is it the Vitamin C Serum or perhaps natural occurring hormones causing any breakouts?


Consider the Frequency: If you have never used Vitamin C Serum before, and have sensitive skin, I would recommend staggering your treatment use. For example, start by using the Serum every other day and apply just in the morning. As your skin grows accustomed to the new product, then start using your Vitamin C Serum daily in the morning.


Staggering a treatment product allows your skin to grow accustomed to it. If you are using other treatment products, staggering treatments may be necessary.


Consider that Skin May Need to Adjust: Have you ever treated yourself to a facial and experience breakouts for a few days? This is perfectly normal and at times to be expected.


Treating the skin to something new can create a slight imbalance. Your skin can get worse before it gets better. It is just a temporary storm that needs to be ridden out.


Consider the Percentage: Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum is 18%. We have found this formulation to be most effective for powerful anti-aging results without irritating the skin. If you are new to Vitamin C Serum, and experience irritation, 18% may be too high of a percentage for you. Vitamin C Serum is available in as low as 5%.


This is why I recommend staggering treatment use in the beginning to allow your facial skin to get accustomed to the new product.


Consider if you recently exfoliated: If you have sensitive skin, exfoliating can cause the skin to be irritate & vulnerable for a few days after. Customers have reported that they continue to use Vitamin C Serum through exfoliation & even chemical peels; however, it may not be recommended for everyone.


If you experience skin sensitivity with Vitamin C Serum after exfoliation – give your skin a few days to calm down.


Consider contacting us: If you experience irritation of the skin or breakouts, considering contacting us at or calling our customer service number. We would be more than happy to discuss what is happening with your skin & helping make Vitamin C Serum work for you!




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