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Recently, a blogger who reviewed Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum also reviewed an at home professional teeth whitening system.  The company is called Smile Sciences.  I was intrigued because 1) Kim reviews products honestly and it got high marks & 2) There was a special code that would allow you to get the Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit for $270 OFF! (Making it just $29. The Crest Whitening Strips are more expensive than that!)


Do I really need to whiten my teeth?  Probably not, but with the upcoming wedding sometimes rational thinking goes out the window.  I haven’t whitened my teeth since 2002, and I am also a frequent coffee and tea drinker.


We do have a dental hygienist in our family and she has provided me some near free home whitening remedies.  I would like to provide a comprehensive review of how Smile Sciences worked for me and compare it to this DIY method my Aunt supplied me.


Information on Smile Sciences

Smile Sciences is a USA based business that complies with FDA regulations.  With the growing demand of people wanting whiter teeth, Smile Sciences created an at-home system.  On their company website they share that their teeth-whitening products are safe and effective – even pain free.


Smiles Sciences has a diverse selection of products including:

  • Teeth Whitening Pen
  • Teeth Whitening Kit (This is the one I purchased)
  • Refill Syringe
  • LED Blue Light
  • Lovely Smiles Day & Night Whitening Pens
  • B Brush
  • B Brush Bling
  • Sweet Teeth


Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit retails for $299, but with Vanchic Code I paid just $29.  The kit comes with an upper and lower try, 1 syringe of whitening gel, 2 vitamin E sticks, LED light, and a maintenance pen for whitening on the go.


Day One Smile Sciences Review:


I ordered my product and received a fast confirmation telling me it shipped same day!  That is wonderful.


Day Three Smile Sciences Review:


The package arrived.  I was excited to dig in and see each of the components of the kit.  I was surprised for a retail value of $299 plus shipping that the teeth whitening system arrived packaged the way that it was.  I know that Day by Day Beauty prefers to keep packaging at a minimum and perhaps Smile Sciences feels the same way?


Smile Sciences Review Packaging Inside Smile Sciences Review Packaging


1 Week Later Smile Sciences Review:


I was ready to create the mouth trays and start the whitening process.  Well, Smile Sciences fails to share with you just how difficult it is to make the mouth trays.  The directions state to submerge one mouth tray for 10 – 12 seconds into previously boiling water that has now cooled.  Once the plastic seems soft, take it out and place into your mouth.  After 12 – 15 seconds the mouth tray should be set.


My experience was very different from that!  After attempting to do just as the directions said, I had mouth trays that looked like nothing had been done to them.  So, I decided to boil the water and submerge the tray almost instantly.  This worked better…ish.  The top mouth tray was better but the bottom got slightly disformed from the extra hot water. They fit decently, but it doesn’t have that tight fit I was assuming would happen (like my retainer).


Teeth Molds Before, Smiles Sciences Teeth Molds After, Smile Sciences


First Whitening Session Smile Sciences Review:


The whitening gel is thick and sticky and meant to stay on your teeth.  I put the right amount into my mouth tray and did a 20 minutes application.  I did not use the LED light this time.  I felt like I saw a difference in my teeth – just after 1 session!


Below are my pictures before I started whitening & after each session.  I apologize that the lighting is different in each picture.  These were taken on my iPhone so quality is not professional.  I am very happy with where my teeth are at after my 3rd treatment and will not continue.  There is still product left in case I need to touch up again!


Before Application, Smile Sciences    First Application, Smile Sciences

Before Treatment           After 1st Treatment

After Second Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Review    smiles sciences review

After 2nd Treatment         After 3rd Treatment


What I was Most Surprised About:

I was happily surprised that I experienced NO PAIN or SENSITIVITY throughout all of this.  Smile Sciences does make the claim to be pain free, but WOW…it was true in my experience.


This is the second time I have ever whitened my teeth.  The first time was over 10 years ago using a few Crest Whitening strips.  In my limited experience I would say I was very pleased with my experience with Smile Sciences.  My ONLY complaint would be the mouth trays!






2 thoughts on “Smile Sciences Review

  1. Laura Pierre

    I bought this item on Amazon — but am glad to see you offer it on your website too. I was excited to try it!

  2. Corina Timea

    I have never even heard of this until now. I am a forever coffee and tea drinker and my teeth are my worst attribute that prevents me from really smiling widely. I want to try this and see if it will work better than the other stuff I have been trying !


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