Sail to Sable, Tracy Negoshian, and Lilly Pulitzer Oh My!

I am so jealous of anyone who lives in a warm climate year round!  It is now the beginning of May and I can finally wear clothing that leave my arms and legs partially bare.  Yes, I live near Chicago…and this winter season was brutal!  


Just this week we went from 40 degrees to 80 degrees, and I love every second of it.


With the sudden gorgeous weather and true welcome of spring, I wanted to dedicate this post to three particular brands/designers that exude vibrant colors, the South, and feminine beauty for any age.  A plus about each of these brands…they are all created and founded by women entrepreneurs!


Sail to Sable Review, Day by Day Beauty 1

  {Sail to Sable, The Classic}


First on my list is Sail to Sable


Sail to Sable (STS) is a wardrobe essential that will be a favorite for many years to come.  The company describes their label as “preppy, classic and chic.”  I couldn’t have said it better.  After hemming and hawing I decided that my first STS piece needed to be “The Classic.”  The Classic is 100% linen, available in stunning color combinations, and comes in two length options.  I suggest liking them on Facebook and signing up for their e-mails.  Good sales do happen often and unless you want to, you do not have to pay full price for their product!



Sail to Sable Review, Day by Day Beauty 3

 {With the right lighting, can you see how this is slightly sheer?}


My personal review on Sail to Sable:  The quality of the linen is extremely good.  I love linen! It is a great fabric for warm weather. The Classic was not lined; however, the linen was not see-through – unless the light was just right (See picture above.)


The sizing with the company is different – they go 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, & 4.  I wear 0 in STS.  I am 5’5” and roughly 125 pounds.  I like to say I am a perfect hourglass, but the reality is a larger bottom half.  Don’t hesitate to contact their customer service – they have been good at responding with sizing questions.



{Sail to Sable Size Chart below. Click to enlarge}

Sail to Sable, STS, Womens Fashion




Sail To Sable The Classic Review

{Side Zipper Helps You Get the Dress On!}


If you have watched some of our company videos, you will see that I wore The Classic!


Tracy Negoshian Clothing

{On the Cruise Ship Downtown Chicago Wearing Tracy Negoshian}



Second is Tracy Negoshian


Tracy Negoshian (TN) pieces are all machine washable, custom fabric prints, and easy to pack for a trip!  They describe Tracy Negoshian as a “multi-line, multi-season clothing label that is trendy, quality, and affordable.”


Tracy Negoshian Rhiana MaxiTracy Negoshian Maxi Day by Day Beauty Blog

{Tracy Negoshian Maxi – Great Length, Comfy, and Gorgeous!}



My personal review on Tracy Negoshian:  I think TN line has a tinge of both sass and class.  I found most of my pieces could go from office to date very easily.  (Take off a blazer top and throw on some pumps – and bam!  Looking fantastic).


All of my pieces I purchased in an XS according to their size chart, but have found them to be tighter than I would like – especially in the armpit seams and hips.  I would recommend contacting TN Customer Service if you have any questions prior to purchase.  If it is a final sale you can’t make a return.


{Tracy Negoshian Size Chart. Click to enlarge}

Tracy Negoshian, TN, Womens Fashion


I was most surprised when I was packing to a trip and found all my TN pieces took up absolutely no space and didn’t need to be ironed to look fresh on arrival.  Bonus for travelers out there!


More than the clothes, I adore Tracy Negoshian’s story and the fact that she is close to my age.  What an inspiration!  Oh, and she recently got married!  Her wedding was a gorgeous beach wedding – so fitting for her and her label.


lillypulitzer, Lilly Pulitzer Resort Wear

 {In a Resort White Lilly Pulitzer Piece}


Last on my list today is Lilly Pulizter


Lilly Pulitzer has been around for some time.  Her story is sweet.  Lilly opened a juice stand and to hide the stains on her clothing, she had a sleeveless dress made from richly patterned and beautifully colored cotton.  And…a label was born.


{Way to turn lemons into lemonade, right?}

Lemons Into Lemonade for Lilly Pulitzer


I heart Lilly Pulizter’s clothing line.  It is just beautiful.  Pieces can be bought directly from the Lilly website or there are countless of boutiques that carry her line.  Even big name stores like Nordstroms, Niemen Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and such have carried Lilly pieces.


lillypulitzer, Lilly Pulitzer Neon Pink Dress


{Rocking Lilly in Downtown Austin}


Here is a website I found that teaches you all you need to know to get Lilly Pulitzer cheaper – much cheaperDon’t discount & as possibilities as well.


 lillypulitzer, Lilly Pulitzer Dress

{A Merino Wool Blend Dress Perfect for Winter.  I was going out for my birthday!}


My personal review on Lilly Pulitzer: Every time I wear a Lilly piece I get oodles of compliments.  At least here in the Chicago area it is rare to see someone in Lilly; therefore, I truly stand out.  (Perhaps in warmer regions were these labels rein supreme it happens often?)


I wear a size XS in Lilly.  I recommend to look on Lilly’s website and read the reviews for a piece to see if it runs small or large.  Like Zappos people will share if it was true to size (TTS) or runs large or small.


{Lilly Pultizer Size Guide.  Click to enlarge.}

Lilly Pulitzer Size Guide



The quality is average – I hate to say this.  Of these three brands I think Sail to Sable is constructed the best.  I have had Lilly pieces fade with washing (even following the label directions) and construction is just average. {Added Expense} Additionally, at 5’5” all of my maxis need to be hemmed.  Even with wedges they are way too long.


lillypulitzer, Lilly Pulitzer Coleman Cha Cha Ching Print

{The ‘Lets Cha Cha’ Print is Considered a Most Coveted Print of Lilly}

Lilly Pulitzer Lets Cha Cha



With all three of these labels, the resale value is still high as a gently used item.  A true bonus if you like to rotate your wardrobe each year rather than holding onto something.


Do you have a Sail to Sable, Tracy Negoshian, or Lilly piece?  What are your thoughts on the labels?


Here’s to the warmer weather and fabulous fashion,

















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  1. Melanie Désiré

    OMG you are the cutest! love all of your dresses! My faves is your dress from Sail to Sable, but all are fabulous and look great on you !


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