Men Need Skin Care Products Too!

Men need skin care just as much as women do. In many cases more so. Skin on the face is more sensitive than that of the body, regardless of gender. A high percentage of men shave their facial hair every day. Many make their living working outdoors, literally facing the elements of sun, wind, heat, cold and pollution daily. After shave products can over dry the skin, and poor choices in soap will also cause excessive drying or a rebound effect of the skin producing more oils almost in self defense. Skin is the body’s first defense against the world and healthy, well nourished skin is a strong defense.

Men Need Skin Care Too


Brad Paisely, multiple time chart topping Country singer, hit one out of the park in 2008 with his “I’m Still a Guy,” a humorous song about being masculine. A few of the lines worthy of mentioning here are:


“These days there’s dudes getting facials, manicured waxed and botoxed” and

“With all of these men lining up to get neutered, It’s hip now to be feminized”


It’s a clever song and its popularity can’t be argued. But it also illustrates the stigma against men using products labeled as “beauty aids” perfectly.


Socially, it is acceptable for men to age. They become distinguished and build character. Men grow accustomed to their sun damaged skin and think that’s just how men are meant to look. Weathered and rugged are popular adjectives for a man’s face as he matures. Key phrases when marketing to women will make men scoff at the idea of using a product on their face. Glowing Complexion. Baby Soft Skin. Pamper Your Skin. Look Years Younger!  Touting the anti-aging properties of Vitamin C Serum would likely be under appreciated by the average man.The more masculine the man, the more they seem to wear their age with pride.

Hugh Jackman - Men Need Skin Care Too


One can hardly argue the masculinity of Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who has played the role of Marvel Comic’s Wolverine several times. This past November he revealed he had a basal cell carcinoma removed from his nose. While it was the lesser of two evils between carcinoma and the potentially fatal melanoma, Jackman publically urged his fans to get checked for skin cancer and to wear sunscreen.


The Skin Cancer Foundation conducted a study early this year and found that just 51 percent of US men reported using sunscreen in the past 12 months, and an alarming 70 percent did not know the warning signs of skin cancer. Remarking on the results, Joshua Zeichner, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City stated “The findings are especially concerning for men over age 50, who are more than twice as likely as women to die from melanoma.”


Bottom line men: wear sunscreen. And don’t scoff at the idea that healthy skin is strong skin. In seeking ways to reach healthier skin, men will come across the research recording the vast benefits of using a Vitamin C Serum.


Vitamin C Serum is natural and organic and has been proven to:

  • Help maintain the skin’s natural resiliency, your skin’s ability to repair itself, against environmental damage
  • Reduce age spots and repair sun damage which are common starting points for abnormal and cancerous growths
  • Restore elasticity of the skin, thereby also tightening its appearance
  • Protects from free radicals that are linked to various forms of cancer


Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum will not clog pores, it will actually shrink them with continued use.  It is water-based, not tested on amimals and immediately absorbed into the skin. It is safe for application to the face and neck of all skin types. Its scent is crisp and clean due to the ingredient witch hazel, and men will not find it off-putting or feminine.


So men, please feel free to be a guy, but be the kind of guy that isn’t afraid to protect and nourish his skin with a product that will allow the world to enjoy the distinguished, rugged masculine face unmarred for many many years to come.


P.S. The best part is you won’t have to lurk down the skin care aisle at the grocery store. Day By Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum is available delivered directly to your door from their website!

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