Environmental Aggressors & Skin

We have all heard skin care experts talk about “environmental aggressors,” but what are they? Are they real?  The fact is, environmental aggressors are as real as: cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, air pollution, UVA/UVB rays, and infrared light – and accelerate the aging process of skin!


These aggressors contribute to the existence of free radicals, which damage your skin and speed up the aging process.  This breakdown begins at the cellular level.  Elements in your skin are damaged due to these environmental aggressors, and cause a chain reaction with nearby cells.  The healthier, neighboring cells are stripped of their needed elements, essentially helping repair their neighbor’s damage.  But these healthy, donating cells are compromised in the process, continuing the chain reaction, known as aging!


What’s needed is a 3rd element to interrupt and slow down the breakdown.  That’s what Vitamins C and E can help do.  And that’s why Day by Day Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum – offers your skin these needed elements.  Our serum has helped so many faces restore and preserve their natural beauty.


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