Why Day by Day Beauty?

I have run quite a professional gambit in the mere decade and a half I’ve been a part of the workforce. My journey took me from food service, retail, and after college, teaching in the elementary classrooms. I have always embraced that a healthy self-image helped people live more fulfilling lives, and looking good leads to feeling good. I take care with my day to day appearance and sometimes that is all the ammunition I needed to get through a potentially tough day.


Pamela Teaching Kindergarten

 {Teaching Kindergarten was an absolute joy!}


It was at a very young age that skin care in particular was made important to me. My mother has vitiligo. Vitiligo is a disease in which the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas resulting in depigmented, or white, patches of skin.


Vitiligo Awareness

 {Two beautiful sisters who have Vitiligo}


Depigmented skin isn’t unhealthy, but it does lack a natural resistance to the harmful effects of the sun, as it cannot tan. Sunburned skin cannot protect itself or bounce back as effectively from other environmental aggressors. Because of this potential for consistent damage and the need to repair itself, the depigmented areas of skin naturally age faster than the rest, and are more at risk for developing skin cancer.


So it was watching my mother do everything in her power to keep her skin healthy, protected and constant in texture and elasticity despite the discoloration that impressed upon me the importance of skin care.


Pamela and Her Mother

{Mom and Me Mother’s Day 2013}


My first product, the Vitamin C Serum for face, was specifically chosen because I wanted something proven to work, not be a gimmick or a fad, and something that my mother and I could equally benefit from. Vitamin C Serum is still in its early stages of being used as an anti-aging tool. The anti aging properties of it are actually simply a serendipitous side effect of what happens when skin is constantly nourished and healthy.


Best Vitamin C Serum

 {Day by Day Beauty’s First Product Launch.  Vitamin C Serum for face}


When I moved back to the Chicagoland area and decided not to pursue a teaching career at this time, the question was brought up to me. “If you could go into business for yourself …what would you do?” The answer was actually an easy. Day By Day Beauty may be a business, but it’s not about myself.




Vitiligo Awareness

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