Bathina Review by Benefit Cosmetics

Would you like your body skin to have a radiant sheen with an ultra feminie scent this summer?  Say hello to my little friends by Benefit Cosmetics!


Bathina – “Take A Picture it Lasts Longer”


Benefit Cosmetics sure has done an amazing job at packaging their products.  The pin-up girl & sassy name just make me interested.  “Take a Picture it Lasts Longer” is a body balm, but with a sweet twist.  It has an attractive glimmer to it with golden-pink tones that would be fabulous no matter your skin color.


Bathina Take a Picture it Lasts Longer Review Day by Day BeautyBenefit Take a Picture it Lasts Longer Review


The balm is best applied with the pink puff they provide in the packaging.  Simply glide it on or apply in a circular motion (buffing) for higher shine.  My favorite part is the delicate fragrance.  For me, it is jus divine!



I have had my Bathina “Take a Picture it Lasts Longer” for 2 years which can help justify the price since it is not necessary.  It isn’t meant to deeply hydrate your skin like a body lotion, but rather just add a dewy look to your skin.  I highly recommend this product.


Benefit Bathina Review on Day by Day Beauty


1.5 Oz for $30


I have included the company’s product video – enjoy!


Bathina – “Soft to Touch…Hard to Get”


Again, the name is just too fun.  Perhaps I need to get more creative with the launch of our next beauty product…


Anyway, I recently added Bathina’s body oil mist to my collection only because I can’t get enough of the fragrance!  I was excited to see that both Bathina products have the same delightful fragrances.


Soft to Touch Hard to Get Review


This product is a super-fine body oil mist that absorbs instantly for immediate hydration. Benefit has included sweet almond, olive and avocado oils to leave skin feeling soft & moisturized.  It is recommend to apply after the shower for both hydration & fragrance.


Unfortunately, I can’t give this a high rating (like the body balm).  In my experience the body oil mist does not properly hydrated nor does the fragrance last very long.  It is something that I would need to reapply throughout the day.


On the other hand, when using both products in tandem, there are much better results for the longevity of the fragrance.  I bet it is the whole concept of layering.


2.7 Oz for $34


I will continue to test it out, but it may not be a staple in my beauty bag.  What are your favorite summer shimmers that leave your skin both hydrated and irresistible?




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